Thank you for visiting our website! We are MARY WELLNESS Co., Ltd.
We are looking for manufacturers and wholesalers who produce high quality raw materials or products that meet Japanese standards.


Who we are

MARY WELLNESS is Japanese CBD and Cannabis company based in Tokyo and Saitama.

We import carefully selected CBD ingredients directly and sell them in Japan as well as develop our own products such as cosmetics and supplements.

We communicated more than 100 overseas suppliers. And we are currently working with companies in the US, Switzerland, and the EU.

Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize the world’s wellness through CBD/Cannabis.
We are committed to transparency and safety, and are actively developing the Japanese market while educating consumers.

If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler who would like to consider partnering with us, please contact us using the form below.

About Founder


Founder/CEO Misuzu Matsumoto

Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Letters.

Worked for Rakuten, Inc..
After that, joined Japanese IT startup in charge of PR and marketing.

Started CBD wellness media “hersCBD*” in September 2020, founded MARY WELLNESS Co., Ltd.. January 2021.

Our Wanted Lists

Raw Materials

・Bulk CBD Isolate
・Bulk Broad Spectrum CBD
・Bulk Water Soluble CBD


・THC-Free CBD Related Products
・THC-Free Cannabis Related Products and others…

Japanese Standards

Required – Japanese Standards

Under Japanese law, you may only sell CBD ingredients or CBD products that meet the following requirements.

・THC-Free (THC-Not Detectable at LOD level)
・Made from mature cannabis stalks, stems and seeds

Required – MARY WELLNESS Standards

These are not for necessary for importing, but MARY WELLNESS require you to meet the following.
These may seem strict, but they are considered essential for acceptance by Japanese consumers, who are very strict about safety.

・Product Specification/Product data sheet

・3rd Party tested (This does not apply if the reliability of your own testing can be confirmed.)
・No Pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microorganisms

Items required for exporters to Japan (partial)

The following are the minimum necessities. Separate procedures are required for food, cosmetics, and other items you wish to export.
It’s not an easy process, but MARY WELLNESS will help you through it. We offer samples of documents and consult your items.

①CoA of THC-Free
3rd party lab tested CoA of THC-Free(THC-Not Detectable).
LOD must be listed.

②Manufacturing process documents
Documents of raw-materials manufacturing process with picture.
Only stems, stalks and seeds should be visible in the photo.
(There have been cases where branches were not allowed through customs because they were in the photo.)

A document stating the type of product being imported and that only seeds, stalks and stems are used as raw materials.

“For those who are considering import of CBD products such as CBD oil” by mhlw, also can be your help.


If you have any questions, or be interested in us, please contact us using the form. We will contact you again in 2-3 business days.